Driving ROI By Leveraging HCP Propensity Data

Engaged pain brand marketing team to optimize non-personal promotion and increase performance
Integrated all marketing systems and partner data into a single view of targeted HCPs
Each HCP was received a predictive score from the Allturna PropensityHub™ based on messaging preference
Marketing communications were tailored based on the HCP scores

  • The campaign measured the open and click to open rates on all HCPs

  • As shown in the charts below, those HCPs who received emails based on their preference scores engaged at a higher rate than the overall HCPs in the campaign.

  • In the Patient Focused Email Stream, HCPs whose message type was tailored to their preference had a 4x higher open rate than the overall campaign.

  • Similarly, in the Efficacy Email Stream, HCPs that utilized preference data had a 5x increase in open rates versus the other HCPs