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Marketing Solution – Value Roadmap

Allturna’s marketing analytics focus is applied to the brand and business goals of our customers.  This insures that the deliverables produced by Allturna clearly align with the desired success factors.  Allturna has developed this approach over years of servicing customers with varying data-driven marketing needs, and has a proven track record in delivering technology-centric marketing solutions

Analytics and Insights
Actionable Insights that drive tactical changes ● Learnings built over time and across brands
Campaign Execution
Multi-Channel Deployment ● Cross Channel orchestration ● Data Stewardship
CRM Strategy and Design
Brand Planning ● Cadence and communication planning ● Persona Development ● Definition of KPIs
Campaign Planning
Targeting Strategies ● Tailoring Options ● User Experience planning ● Best Practices

Benefits of Our Integrated Offerings:

  • Brand strategy informed by data and pulled through the execution of CRM
  • Campaign execution designed with a test and learn approach and tightly integrated into measurement goals
  • Ability to leverage the most appropriate technology
  • Actionable insights delivered that inform ongoing strategies and messaging
  • Focus on brand success as a measure of our success

Our Differentiators


We apply technology in a manner that supports Sales and Marketing efforts, using the most appropriate technology given the budget and needs of our clients


Testing, learning, and changing is key to successful marketing today. We embody that in our approach to our work and focus on improving client results


We believe the only measure of our success is the measure of our clients' success and having an average client relationship of over 4 years demonstrates that

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