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Allturna’s approach to Relationship Marketing and Behavioral Targeting is customized according to industry, business model, and unique value proposition.

Life Sciences


Allturna delivers the blend of medical and consumer marketing experiences required for medical products sold over the counter


Allturna offers highly scalable CRM capabilities and platforms that support the needs and budgets of emerging brands while providing the ability to scale in support of larger organizations


Data analytics is the foundation for understanding the buyers, influencers, and market dynamics of the MedTech market today



The need to focus on outcomes and wellness is critical today for Insurers and Health Systemsedical products sold over the counter


Today's Omni-channel world requires data, insights, and analytics to balance direct and agent sales and service


Policy and claims data integration and intelligence delivered through dynamic desktop tools

Data Driven Marketing Support

Advertising Agencies

Marketing-centric technology and analytic support to increase the impact of brand strategy and creative

Marketing Cloud

Allturna's CRM best practices and expertise maximizes the value of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for companies leveraging this technology


Hear from our clients on what it's like to work with Allturna

“I’ve worked with Allturna for nearly 7 years and I’ve been very impressed with their dedication and quality of work. They were instrumental in the successful launch of our CRM solution, which they provided implementation direction and strong technical expertise throughout the project. They consistently go above and beyond to make our CRM programs and solution as effective as possible. They’re very collaborative and partner effectively across IT, marketing, and creative agencies to help drive strategy through execution. They’ve been tremendously knowledgeable about Healthcare Professional data and have helped us to optimize our marketing campaigns through detailed analytics and actionable insights. Allturna has been a wonderful partner and has always been reliable, patient, and flexible to work with.”
Senior Technology Manager, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.
Allie Hamzik
“The first thing that comes to mind thinking of Allturna is Expert Service. Allturna has been serving the J&J OTC Brands for many years now. They have brought great expertise, thought leadership and keen analytical skills to bear on how to improve our CRM platforms and drive better engagement with consumers. Another reason we really like working with Allturna is that they are very easy to work with. Often the team goes above and beyond their mandate to support business priorities. Over the years, they have been given more brands and CRMs to manage. In addition they work really well with both the creative agencies and our IT department which is a difficult skill to master but their team does it with ease. I would definitely recommend them to any business looking to manage and build their consumer base via CRM platforms.”
Product Director, Digital at Janssen Biotech, Inc.
Sumeet Narula

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